Eat, Read, Blog

4 Sep

Listen up, you canning, pickling, and otherwise resourceful-with-the-harvest librarians: your facebook status updates and tweets are making me drool and I must have details. What did you preserve or prepare? How did you do it? Were books involved?! Surely, these questions are worthy of a response in the form of a blog post.

Contributing to DigLibDig is easy, fun, and way more affordable than a quest for self-discovery through Italy, India, and Bali. Just send an email to diglibdig at with:

  • your post, including a title
  • a picture (or several) to accompany your article
  • a 2-3 line bio (including links to your online life)
  • some suggested tags
  • an invitation to dinner ( j/k, sort of)

For inspiration, read up on our current contributors and peruse our posts, though we encourage you to break whatever mold you identify in doing so. We’ve had over 2000 hits since we went live on July 15, btw. Real people read DigLibDig!

With thanks to librarian Cabot Yu and apologies to author Elizabeth Gilbert for the title.


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