When I started that other neglected library-related blog, I joked (sort of) with my friends about how long it would take before I posted a picture of a sandwich. I never did and that’s why this blog exists. The name for this blog came to us over a lunch in which I shamefully acknowledged my infrequent blogging and desire to write about sandwiches.

Here, you’ll find writing about food from me and my librarian friends. We may actually discuss libraries but I’m not promising anything. We may also write about cookbooks, recipes you’ll find online, other food sites, eating in the library, conference food, or our memorable meals. There’s only one rule here; it has to be about food.

Why librarians and food? Well many of my friends, especially those with active online lives, are librarians. Many of my friends like food. When I say like, I mean “like like”. And even though when I teach a class on how to use Twitter I say “Not too many people want to know what you’ve had for lunch”, I freely admit that I am a member of the “Not too many”.  Share your information. Share your food.

We’re looking for writers/eaters/librarians! Check the Contributors page for more details on submitting a post.

We’re  on Twitter at diglibdig and on Facebook.

Write to us at diglibdig at gmail.com


DigLibDig is:

Lora Baiocco, infrequent blogger at Infinite Digressions , is an Online Services Librarian. She likes libraries, technology, food, bakelite, and random weirdness – not necessarily in that order. You can find her on Twitter at loraba . She lives, works, and eats in Montreal, Quebec.

Alexandra Yarrow is a public librarian in Canada’s capital city, Ottawa. Despite growing up in Montreal, city of foodies, with some strange and picky eating (and reading) habits, she is now a (relatively) well-rounded grown-up. She also blogs at Only Connect.

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