Find out who’s writing for Digestive Librarians’ Digest as “Invited to the table”.

If you want to write for the Digest, send an email to diglibdig at and be sure to include:

  • your post, including a title
  • a picture to accompany your article
  • a 2-3 line bio (including links to your online life)
  • some suggested tags
  • an invitation to dinner ( j/k, sort of)

More about the founders of  Digestive Librarians’ Digest on the About page.

Invited to the table:

Nancy Bertolotti is a foodie, librarian, and blogger currently working at the Sheridan College Library in Oakville.  Playing with food is a passion for Nancy.  Both her mother’s parents and her father’s owned fruit and vegetable markets so food has always been associated with sustenance in every sense of the word.  Nancy’s daughter was recently diagnosed with celiac disease so Nancy has been learning how to transform her recipes to be Gluten-free.  For more on G.F. diets read this article in The Star. See Nancy’s library blog here.

Jill Boruff is a librarian at the Life Sciences Library at McGill University. She spends her free time baking, cooking, and canning (and sewing when she isn’t hungry) and is tiny bit obsessed with finding local food whenever possible. Like Lora, she lives, works, and eats in Montreal, Quebec.

Megan Fitzgibbons lives, eats, and works as a librarian in Montreal. An ovo-pesco-vegetarian, she is admittedly a picky eater. She fell in love with the everyday Japanese diet to which she was introduced by her husband. She is fairly lousy at cooking but enjoys the wonderful meals that he prepares daily. She also excels at doing the dishes. She chronicles her domestic food adventures at

Amanda Halfpenny is a librarian and foodie currently living and eating in Tracadie-Sheila, New Brunswick. Amanda owns close to 40 cookbooks but always prefers improvising meals based on her favourite ingredients. Also known as Biblioblond, you can read more of Amanda’s musings at

Jennifer O’Donnell works as a Virtual Services Librarian. She is a fledgling foodie who has her trusty mainstays, but is enjoying expanding her repertoire with local food. She loves to talk and share about food and most things geeky – including,  but not limited to, libraries, technology (open source, copyright, DRM…) and sustainability. She currently lives, works and eats in Kingston, Ontario.

Alison Pattern is an information specialist at the University of Manitoba. When she’s not working on curriculum mapping, she can be found in her kitchen. Often inspired by yummy blog posts, she’s willing to give anything a go. She tends to favour baking foods of the sweet variety. Her next mission is to successfully master her aunt’s traditional German Fruit Cake. The candied oranges and lemons are already in the fridge, soaking up yummy dark rum!

Jessica Roy is a foodie and librarian living it up in Ottawa. She once had the Ottawa fire department show up as last minute dinner guests due to a French cuisine cooking disaster. Luckily, the Duck a l’orange escaped unharmed. The French onion soup was not so fortunate.

Carrie Schmidt is an archivist and librarian in Vancouver, BC. She prefers it when other people cook for her, but has been known to bake bread, simmer soup stock, and give away enormous balls of cheese. She has been terrorizing the internet for years under a variety of pseudonyms, is starting a line of greeting cards, has a personal blog featuring her potty mouth, and runs her own consulting business. She is also a documentary film star. She has no free time.

Marsha Taichman spent some of the most exciting years of her life working as a line cook on St. Laurent Boulevard in Montreal. Looking for stability and more reasonable hours, she decided to become a librarian, and is working towards a Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies at McGill University. She still cooks recreationally and eats with gusto.

Tara Thompson is a Community Librarian in the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia.  Her husband is a chef and is often cooking for other people.  This is her second year with a fully fledged garden and she is learning how to use up all those veggies.  She enjoys playing and learning about technology, including open source, open access, usability, and gaming.

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