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Winners and sur-Prizes!

22 Nov

Here’s how we got our win on here at diglibdig:

1) Posted with a call for a tenth contributor and an announcement that one of our first nine contributors would also win a prize.

2) Checked our email account obsessively regularly, hoping for a post from said tenth contributor.

3) Jumped with glee when Carrie Schmidt heeded the call with a post about food priorities while moving. Our first prize pack would travel all the way across the country to Vancouver, BC!

4) Drew names from an oven mitt to determine which of our first nine contributors would win the other prize pack. ‘Cause we librarians are all about rigour. No chef’s hat was to be found in Laura’s kitchen, so we made do with what we had.

Names for draw (and Laura's Price-is-Right hands)

Oven mitt with Price-is-Right hands

Jennifer's name drawn from the oven mitt

5) Thought it was fitting that Jennifer O’Donnell, who posted about the joy of soup when the cold weather first made its appearance, should be our second winner as winter closed in. Her prize pack would take a much shorter journey to Kingston, ON.

6) Assembled Montreal/Quebec goodies:

Carrie's prize pack

Carrie's prize pack

Jennifer's prize pack

Jennifer's prize pack

Maple Pepper
Olive oil chocolates
Sucre a la creme
Ginger Lime preserves / Red Pepper preserves
Maple syrup candy
Fleur de sel spoon (probably not from Quebec but so cute Lora couldn’t resist)
Salmon jerky from the salmon store on St. Laurent
Powdered poutine sauce from St. Hubert
Maple potato donuts / Chai tea

(yes, of course we bought extras and ate them)

6) Bundled up the prizes and shipped them off to our winners.

Prize parcels

7) Wished we could see the reactions of our winners upon receipt.

Gratitude meets generosity (see also Prizes)

8 Nov

We’re feeling grateful over here at diglibdig. For the harvest, which nourishes. For our contributors, who inspire. For you, dear readers, who are our raison d’être.

And so, to bridge the seasons of gratitude and generosity, we’re offering some prizes: assorted Montreal delicacies that we’ll ship to our winners wherever they are.

St. Viateur Bagels

Hint-Hint, Nudge-Nudge

The first prize will go to our tenth contributor. We’re delighted that nine librarians have joined our feast so far and want to encourage more of you to do so. Here’s how to get in on the food-fueled fun – the first completed post (including pictures, suggested tags, a bio, etc.) sent to diglibdig@gmail.com wins!

We’ll also draw a name from a chef’s hat to show our gratitude to the first nine contributors who pulled up a chair and wrote for diglibdig. We hope you’ll join us at the table again sometime soon.

Share your information. Share your food.

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